The Pantheon of Onyx is broken. The Nineteen Ancient Gods have long disappeared, and the new Young Gods have not solidified their power. The new gods are mortals that have, through various means, ascended to the divine. They are squabbling over domains and followers, and appear at times on the surface of Onyx, causing destruction and sometimes miracles.

The Nineteen:
Published D&D Pantheon

The New Gods:

Joran Goldplate: Human Paladin, LG, LVL 30

Sylvana Darktree: Elf Wizard, G, LVL 30

Merryl Nightcloak: Human Rogue, E, LVL 30

Hopeless Nowhere: Tiefling Warlock, UA, LVL 30

Gavin Ironstones: Dwarf Warlord, UA, LVL 30

Nala Bloodscales: Dragonborn Fighter, CE, LVL 30

None of the new deities has acquired a domain at this time. They contest throughout the Astral Sea, and try to consolidate their power on Onyx through followers.


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